The Fall '2017 Euro Bachelor Tour
We bring colleges and universities directly in your high school!
  • Paris: 11th September
  • Lyon: 12th September
  • Lausanne: 13th September
  • Geneva: 14th September
  • Rotterdam: 18th September
  • Hague: 18th September
  • Amsterdam: 19th September
  • Waterloo: 20th September
  • Brussels: 21th September
  • Luxembourg: 22th September
  • Nicosia: 25th-26thSeptember
  • Beirut: 27th-29thSeptember
  • Some of the Schools attended the Tour

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    On the Road to Your Future

    The European Bachelor Tour gathers students together who want to further their studies in business and/or in an English environment and admissions officers from the top business schools and universities across Europe.


    The Fall '2017 Euro Bachelor Tour is a Series of road shows and fair events organized within international high schools from 11th to 29th September.

    Scheduled stops


    Venue:St Nicolaas Lyceum , Beethovenplein 2, 1077 WM Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Date:4th March 2017


    Venue:Scandinavian School of Brussels, Square d'Argenteuil 5, 1410 Waterloo, Belgium

    Date:6th March 2017


    Venue:Sofitel Luxembourg Europe 4 rue du Fort Niedergrunewald, 2226 Luxembourg City

    Date:7th March 2017


    Venue:Institut International de Lancy ,Avenue Eugène Lance 24, 1212 Grand-Lancy, Switzerland

    Date:9th March 2017


    Venue: Schiller International University ,9 Rue Yvart, 75015 Paris, Francia

    Date:11th March 2017